Then there was the time we….

….simultaneously coordinated, for Nissan, Helicopter filming with cars driving on the Brooklyn Bridge & along The Battery footpath…..then closed the Holland Tunnel for footage of a single car captured with Steadicam from an ATV.

….had to shoot overnight in Times Square for French Automaker Peugot. Street closure was required for us to accomplish billboard-size exterior image projection on a brick wall near the NY Times building….with the added complication of a scaffold collapse occurring the day prior at the Times Building.

….shuttled equipment in a Cargo Net via Helicopter from one side of St. Barts Island to the other, while filming was begun the sunrise on the beach in yet another location of the island.

….negotiated with the Pittsburgh Steelers for use of 3 Rivers Stadium & the Steelers Indoor Practice Field as locations for Nike spots featuring Steelers’ star QB Ben Roethlisberger.

….kept filming on track over a 6 day schedule during the worst spring rainstorm in over a century from San Francisco through the Napa Sonoma Valley. SF Bay was closed for Marine Traffic during this storm. CNN showed cars floating down the streets of Santa Rosa as we created a snowstorm overnight on Main Street in Petaluma.

….handled U.S. production services for German-based production company, Caligari Films, managing all stateside coordination for two days of a four-camera HD shoot in Manhattan. The project involved aerials with Al Cerullo’s Hover-Views Unlimited, and boat-to-boat shooting in NY Harbor during the always challenging Christmas week for a period immigration docu-style reality show, capturing the the Immigrants’ arrival at Pier 17 and the South Street Seaport. Produced for German broadcast TV, featured passengers & crew aboard an 1850s-era tall ship the Fridtjof-Nansen. Their trans-Atlantic crossing began in early October, and under sail only, culminated Dec. 23rd