Thai Toyota NYC 1/20/12

Posted on Jul 20, 2012

1st setup of the day on our 3 day Shoot all over Manhattan. Toyota project for Thailand…with 2 imported “right hand” steering Camrys. This is 1st day / 1st location….iconic landmark of NYC as bkg…Flatiron Bldg.

Shooting 35mm & the Alexa on this project. See “Pip” our DP from Bangkok with the 435. Next shot Is our 1st AC / V. Feldsztein executing the “last gate check” in Manhattan. Odd to be shooting film just as Kodak announces planned move to bankruptcy. Crazy world of production!


Our Bangkok Director, “Tenn” Xoomsai watches the monitor as we Boom across Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. Next shot is both our Camrys sitting in front of the Old Customs House down in Wall Street….poised for a move by our Scottie-scopic “Techno” Crane.